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Modern Bath Tub - building remodel in Kansas City, MI
Modern Comfort Room - building remodel in Kansas City, MI
Modern Toilet Bowl - building remodel in Kansas City, MI

About Our Kitchen & Bathroom remodeling Services IN KANSAS CITY, MO

Ellis Homes KC is a full service commercial and residential remodeling company. We specialize in complete home renovations, kitchen and bath remodel, interior and exterior painting, hardwood flooring, plumbing, electrical and general "handyman" projects. From adding beautiful granite countertops to a kitchen, removing walls and refiguring old spaces, laying new tile in a bathroom to creating a modern, spacious walk-in closet, EHKC has set the bar high for craftsmanship, efficiency, reliability and skill.

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Your Home

We're homeowners just like you so when we say 'We understand what you want, what you need and what you can afford', we actually do. Your home is more than just a place to kick off your shoes, it's your comfort zone. A place to relax, laugh, play games, read, watch sports and entertain. Each room should provide a feeling that is unique, comfortable and inviting. Ellis Homes aims to help you capture that essence and bring it to life. Why wait for the home of your dreams?


Kitchens bring familys and friends together. Let us help you focus on creating an atmosphere that resembles your personality.


Do you wish your bathroom resembled a spa? Would you like to add a double vanity or large mirrors, or how about additional storage? We can help you with that. Do you dream of coming home to a jacuzzi bathtub? Whatever tranquility and relaxation looks like to you, we can help you get there. It's never too late to have the room you want.